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Cancer Support Coaching

Coaching for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Following their recovery, many cancer survivors are surprised to find themselves asking,
“Is this the life I fought so hard to keep?”

Do you want a life that is fuller and richer than before you had cancer?
Do you feel you can’t talk about your frustrations?
Do you feel pressured to feel grateful and optimistic all the time?


Phoenix Rising


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From my work with cancer clients, interviews with other survivors, and my own personal experience as a cancer survivor, the journey of survivorship goes through predictable stages


Read: “The Cancer Survivor’s Evolution”

Each stage presents its own set of challenges. I can help you:

  • Identify and release situations and beliefs that no longer serve you

  • Learn processes to address the fears and resistance that inevitably emerge during any period of change

  • Design the life you fought so hard to keep, in a safe and supportive environment

Coaching for Cancer Survivors - Wendy Rogers

Let me help you with move forward to

accomplish your dreams.

Working with Wendy enabled me to move through a major transition in my life with steadfast ease. Her deep listening, fully-engaged presence, thought-provoking inquisitiveness, and authentic heart was instrumental in enabling me to find my own courage to step boldly forward on my own path. And what totally sold me was the fact that not only was (is) she a therapist, but a cancer coach as well, which enabled her to "get" where I was coming from as a two-time breast cancer survivor charting my way forward post diagnosis. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!
- B.F., cancer survivor
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