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Cancer survivor workshops

Take a Day for Yourself

Within a sacred space, immerse yourself in an experience that rekindles your spirit and frees your soul to live the life you were meant to live.


This retreat is for you if…

You’re a female cancer survivor and

Your Bucket List is no longer compelling

‘Just moving on’ just feels wrong

You seek clarity on finding and staying on your unique path

You value the accountability and support of guided lessons

You appreciate connection and support within a circle of women

What You’ll Get

For Your Mind

A simple, daily method to find and stay true to your deepest, most core desires.

A complimentary 30 Minute Coaching Call ($125 value) after the retreat to support you and help keep the momentum going.


For Your Spirit

The clarity to stop losing time and energy on things that no longer serve you.
A powerful guidance system to use each day.
A light for the path that was always meant for you.

For Your Body

A tranquil place to unwind, relax, and get centered.
Fresh and nourishing snacks, beverages, and lunch.

Workshops by Cancer Survivor support coaching - Wendy Rogers

What You’ll Experience

From within our sacred space,

We’ll share our wisdom, connect, and learn from each other — like women always do

We’ll look at perceptions around desires, feelings and goal setting

We’ll find more ways to experience gratitude

We’ll burn limiting beliefs We’ll explore your deepest, most core desires about key areas in our lives:


  • Lifestyle & Livelihood

  • Body & Wellness

  • Relationships & Society

  • Essence & Spirituality

  • Creativity & Learning

Retreat at Cancer Survivor Support Coaching - Wendy Rogers

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Retreat date: September 19, 2016

An exceedingly powerful process!


M.M. , grateful lymphoma survivor

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